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Cousins of Emneth announces price reductions

Machinery manufacturer Cousins of Emneth has announced a price reduction on one of its ranges after making savings on some of the components.

Sumo UK to showcase cultivation range at tillage event

Sumo UK is a leading British designer and manufacturer of cultivation and seeding equipment. The company says it is proud to make market leading, innovative and durable machinery, built to last by an experienced and highly skilled production team. Find out which products they’ll be showcasing at Tillage Live 2023.

Stubble cultivator offers customisable design

The Güttler Supermaxx, as seen at NORMAC, claims to be the most versatile stubble cultivator available on the market. It’s modular, ‘customisable’ design can be configurated to suit any operator, any condition, and any application, according to importer Wox Agri Services.

Autumn cultivations move to a reduction in soil disturbance

With the adoption of new cultivation techniques and reduced depth of cultivation, Amazone is set to showcase its ultra-shallow compact disc harrows at Tillage-Live.

Kuhn unveils product line-up for Tillage-Live 2023

Kuhn Farm Machinery is showcasing a diverse range of machinery at Tillage-Live on Thursday 14th September at WH Corbett in Atherstone, Warwickshire. Here, the manufacturer shares which products attendees can expect to see in action and which will feature on its stand.

Handling grain – 8 hazards and dangers to consider

The farming industry carries many risks. Some are obvious, such as dealing with heavy or sharp apparatus, working at height or even angry livestock, and others less so, such as handling grain.

Väderstad NZ Extreme and Inspire now available to demo

Both of Väderstad’s new generation NZ Extreme heavy duty tine harrow and Inspire seed drill are built for precision and high-intensity performance and are now available to demo in the UK.

New three-in-one cultivator launching at Cereals 2023

OPICO will launch a new version of its HE-VA Combi-Disc at the Cereals Event in June. The ‘Stealth’ variant of the ever-popular combination cultivator gains ultra-low disturbance legs and a choice of different points depending on the level of sub-surface action required.

A completely new cultivator and updates to others announced at European press event

Vaderstad has widened its product line-up with the addition of a new tine cultivator, displayed for the first time at an event celebrating the opening of the manufacturer’s new demonstration farm in Germany. David Williams reports.

Cultivation range finds favour with farmers

Lemken is introducing the Koralin hybrid cultivator for ultra-flat stubble working, which joins the Heliodor 9 compact disc harrow for high-speed work with low power requirements, plus the Rubin 10-disc harrow, which has proved popular for straw incorporation.

New cultivator offers greater flexibility

Vaderstad’s Carrier XT, which shares proven features of the original Carrier while adding the extra convenience and versatility of the newer Carrier XL model, will prove a popular addition to the line-up, predicts an East Anglian-based main dealer. David Williams reports.

Spring seedbeds benefit from specialist cultivator

A Suffolk sugar beet grower trialled a high-specification seedbed cultivator this spring, to find out whether it offered significant advantages over the farm’s usual power harrow-based system. David Williams reports.

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