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OSR: Don’t overlook boron this autumn, farmers warned

With a challenging autumn for oilseed rape (OSR) establishment so far, looking after and maintaining the momentum of crops that have made it through becomes increasingly important, experts say.

Can drilling OSR later be successful?

The answer is yes! The oilseed rape drilling window is far wider than often thought. Although most crops are drilled in the first two weeks of August, it is possible to drill into September and still get a good crop established, says leading plant breeders Limagrain UK.

Murray brings ace results for oilseed rape growers

Murray winter oilseed rape was newly added to the AHDB Recommended List (RL) last autumn and went straight to the top of the East/West Region Only table. LS Plant Breeding are receiving positive reports from merchants and growers alike.

Genetic improvements to OSR varieties offer greater resistance to major diseases

Emerging OSR varieties with improved genetics that keep plant stems healthy are offering growers increased resistance to yield-robbing diseases such as phoma, light leaf spot and verticillium, according to LSPB managing director Chris Guest.

Survey predicts reduced wheat area with barley and OSR on the rise

Results from the latest Planting and Variety Survey indicate that more barley and oilseed rape (OSR) are being sown in the UK at the expense of wheat, the area of which is estimated to decrease by 3% for harvest 2023.

Deadline extended for farmers to fill out planting and variety survey

AHDB has extended the deadline for levy payers to complete this year’s Planting and Variety Survey to Friday 21st July, in order to gain the best possible estimate of planted area for the upcoming harvest.

DSV presents new phoma-resistant OSR varieties at Cereals 2023

DSV UK showcased its latest varieties at Cereals 2023, including the first two OSR varieties available in the UK featuring the company’s new PhomaBlocker trait, which combines two complex phoma resistance mechanisms, according to DSV’s Sarah Hawthorne.

Growers and agronomists report positive benefits of drilling primed Tennyson

Despite 37 years industry experience, Agrii agronomist David Vine readily admits that growing oilseed rape successfully year-in, year-out can still be a huge gamble for many growers. Farmers are frequently faced with significant challenges posed by slugs, pigeons, cabbage stem flea beetle (CSFB) and, given this year’s weather, the often-difficult task of finding adequate soil moisture.

Clarifications issued for farm saved seed declarations

With 2023 spring declarations underway, the British Society of Plant Breeders (BSPB) has published payment rates for farmed saved seed and the latest list of eligible varieties, including advice on blends, cover crops and what farmers should do in the event of a failed crop.

Plan your OSR management carefully this season

With this spring seeing high variation in OSR growth across the country, crop production specialists Hutchinsons are advising farmers to manage the crop carefully in the season ahead and in some cases consider whether it is worth further investment.

Stem Health offers genetic security to UK OSR crops

Launched by seed company Limagrain UK, Stem Health is a new characteristic that offers resistance to the three most common stem-based diseases in OSR varieties, enabling the crops to reach their full genetic potential.

Farmers urged to protect OSR crops against spring-emerging weeds

Following reports of weeds such as cranesbill, scentless mayweed and cleavers emerging in oilseed rape (OSR) crops, farmers are being advised to monitor fields closely and take prompt action if necessary.

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