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Rotate your bait: the key to a successful rodent programme

Every farmer knows that controlling rats and mice isn’t as simple as picking the strongest bait off the shelf and leaving it down for rodents to consume. There are a whole host of factors that should be considered. Laurence Barnard, country business manager for BASF’s professional and specialty solutions, offers some advice.

New free-to-use integrated pest management (IPM) tool launches

A free integrated pest management (IPM) planning tool has been developed by ADAS, NFU, SRUC and Voluntary Initiative (VI) to help farmers create crop-specific IPM management plans.

Garford announces new dealership agreement with Ben Burgess & Co

Garford Farm Machinery has substantially increased its territory across the East of England with its new distributor agreement.

Maize breeder predicts favourable decision on UK seed treatment ban

Following a successful lobbying campaign for the government to withdraw or delay the impending ban on seed treatments, Limagrain UK is optimistic that treated maize seed will still be available to growers for the upcoming season.

Aphid control critical for managing BYDV risk this autumn

With higher than average BYDV risk predicted this autumn, managing aphids that can infect newly emerging cereal crops will be of critical importance to arable growers, warns Neil Watson from production specialists Hutchinsons.

Keep revised WRAG guidance in mind when managing stubbles ahead of autumn drilling

Farmers need to maximise efficacy and minimise resistance risks when using glyphosate to eliminate weeds ahead of drilling according to Matt Siggs of Bayer. Roundup (glyphosate) is a vital control tool on many farms, so a proactive approach is best to ensure long-term efficacy.

Prevent weed spread in maize with split dose herbicide strategy

With rising temperatures and a high water table providing optimal growing conditions for both cash crops and undesirable weeds, growers are advised to consider a split dose post-emergence herbicide approach to reduce competition for nutrients and protect final yield.

Sugar beet growers urged to keep aphid numbers in check

Following reports of peach-potato aphids caught in traps across the sugar beet growing area, farmers are being advised to monitor aphid numbers closely and treat non-Cruiser protected crops with a foliar insecticide as soon as thresholds are met.

Advice for season-long pest control to protect brassica plant health and final yield quality

Simon Jackson, Syngenta’s technical manager, provides advice to support vegetable growers with decisions on programmes to deal with pest control and the difficult challenges to come through the growing season.

Cloddy seed beds pose high slug risk in potato crops

Growers are being warned about high slug risk in potatoes where crops have been planted into cloddy seed beds and are urged to counter the threat with a good quality pellet as soon as tubers reach golf ball size.

Benefits of folpet in prolonging the effective life of single site fungicides

New modelling work indicates that the inclusion of the multi-site fungicide, folpet, can more than double the effective life of fungicide treatment programmes containing ‘at risk’ single site modes of action.

Ecological seed mixes to offer greater agronomic benefit

Farmers and growers can now choose from a variety of wildflower and environmental seed mixtures, launched by the Syngenta Operation Pollinator initiative, to boost payments from environmental schemes and unlock significant ecological and agronomic benefits.

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