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New strain of bluetongue prompts emergency meetings

Farmers urged to beware when buying animals in, especially from Europe, as there is increasing concern about the spread of BTV-3 and its proximity to the UK.

NSA calls for ‘four-nation’ approach to sheep health on back of AWC report

The National Sheep Association has emphasized the need for all four UK nations to adopt a consistent approach to sheep health following recommendations made in the Scottish Government’s recent Animal Welfare Committee (AWC) report.

Egg producer who lost 192,000 hens in AI cull to share story at BFREPA Live

This year’s BFREPA Live event will feature Scottish egg producer James Baxter, who will talk about the harsh realities of dealing with bird flu, having lost his entire flock of nearly 200,000 hens to a mandatory cull following a positive test in January.

Vets launch online training for farmers

Farmers and their staff can now access Red Tractor accredited veterinary training online, to complete in their own time and gain Dairy Pro points. Synergy Farm Health, which already delivers a wide variety of farmer training in-person, has developed a new online training platform, to cater for those who struggle to make physical workshops.

Farmers urged to monitor sheep closely as worm egg counts spike

Sheep farmers are being urged to stay vigilant for worm and fluke risks in their flocks this autumn following reports of high worm egg counts nationwide.

NSA webinar to address ongoing vaccine shortages in sheep sector

The National Sheep Association (NSA) is inviting farmers to join a free webinar next month discussing the reason behind ongoing vaccine shortages in the industry, the implications for animal health and what to do if supplies become unavailable.

Disease control: Farmers urged to view sheep as precious assets

At a busy time of year for sheep to move between holdings, the Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep (SCOPS) group is encouraging producers to think about sheep health as an extremely precious asset worthy of multi-pronged protection.

EAE vaccine now available following supply shortages

Following the arrival of new vaccine stocks, sheep farmers tupping late in October are being encouraged to vaccinate their flocks against EAE (enzootic abortion of ewes) to protect the health and welfare of their ewes and prevent abortions during lambing.

Looming threat of African Swine Fever prompts biosecurity alert

Following reports of African Swine Fever (ASF) being detected in Sweden for the first time, industry groups are urging farmers to ramp up biosecurity and called for stricter border control measures to prevent the devastating disease from reaching UK shores.

Pre-calving supplement offers nutrition boost as forage quality declines

Beef and dairy farmers preparing for the autumn calving season will likely need to support their cows with additional supplementation to make up for a decline in forage quality, according to Dr Alison Bond, nutritionist for Rumenco.

Farmer behaviour critical to controlling livestock disease outbreaks, study shows

New research by the Universities of Warwick and Nottingham has revealed how differences in farmer behaviour, particularly around vaccination uptake, can influence the outcome of livestock disease outbreaks.

Campaign aimed at farmers and vets looks to promote healthy feet in sheep

Led by the Sheep Antibiotic Guardian Group (SAGG), the #HealthyFeetHappySheep campaign launched last week (7th September) aims to educate vets and farmers on all aspects of sheep foot health and signpost the industry to the latest resources.

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