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CHAP helps to make innovative agri-tech ideas a reality

We live in a fast-paced and changing world where the ever-increasing demands on our food production systems and environment have never been greater. Society faces the dichotomy of needing safe, wholesome, and affordable food whilst at the same time having to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect and increase biodiversity, and regenerate agricultural cropping systems.

‘Inside the Pod’: PGRO launches podcast for pea and bean growers

The Processors and Growers Research Organisation (PGRO) has launched a new podcast targeted at the UK’s pea and bean sector.

CHAP supports game-changing ideas to producing food

We live in a fast-paced and changing world where the ever-increasing demands on our food production systems and environment have never been greater. CHAP’s vision is for UK agri-tech innovation and expertise to drive sustainable farming systems which deliver economic, environmental, and societal benefits across the globe.

AgriTech showcase success for debut event

Attracting 150 delegates to hear the latest advancements in agri-tech, the first South West AgriTech Showcase was held on Thursday 20th April at Exeter Racecourse. So, what was in store for the attendees?

South West AgriTech Showcase: innovation, discussion and partnership

British farmers are critical to the UK food supply chain and protecting the nation’s valuable and vulnerable environments. Technology can play a key part in that, making it the focus of the South West’s freshest agri-tech event.

Critical importance of agri-tech key topic at industry show

The critical importance of agri-tech to agriculture and food is a key topic which will be discussed at the upcoming South West AgriTech Showcase next month.

New SW event highlights advantages of agri-tech

Agri-tech is a cornerstone of efficient, sustainable food production – and a new conference in South West England promises to lead the way by showcasing the latest opportunities and development.

An app that saves time while increasing your farm profitability

The impact of technology in increasing profitability and saving time in the agricultural sector has grown significantly in recent years and the rise of the farm management app Herdwatch epitomises this. The farm management app is now used on over 18,000 farms across the UK and Ireland, and allows farmers to manage their farm with an easy-to-use app catering for both cattle and sheep farmers.

Study links farmers’ reluctance to invest in new technology with funding uncertainty

A recent study published by an independent think tank says farmers are open to adopting new technologies but are reluctant to invest due to a lack of confidence in policy frameworks, funding opportunities, and the future of farming in general.

Report predicts growth in tech such as ‘smart crops’ by 2030

The agricultural sector has seen rapid innovation in recent years due to the need to produce more food on less land, with technologies such as smart crops, agricultural drones, and smart greenhouses on the rise, according to GlobalData’s latest report.

Digital decision-making tool helps to deliver on-farm efficiency

Combining satellite technology with precision machinery has enabled cereal grower Pat Thornton to reap the rewards of better crop uniformity and yield, by optimising inputs usage and tracking disease, on his farm in Doncaster.

Lack of knowledge ‘holding farmers back’ in agri-tech investment

NFU Mutual offers top tips for farmers contemplating agri-tech investment, as a new survey sheds light on key barriers that are preventing farmers benefitting from government funding.

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