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The British Potato Show 2023 returns to Harrogate this November

With preparations for the new year in motion and the harvest season typically concluded, the British Potato Show (BP2023) will return on 22nd-23rd November to the Yorkshire event centre in Harrogate.

Seed potato trade to resume between Scotland and NI

NFU Scotland welcomed the news, but warned the UK government must double its efforts to unlock the damaging post-Brexit loss of trade with the rest of the EU.

Crop nutrition and Net Zero: When is enough, enough?

Extreme weather events driven by climate change and industry net zero commitments are focusing the potato supply chain’s attention on how to reduce the crop’s carbon footprint. Andrew Blair, field technical manager at the UK’s largest potato supplier, Branston, explains how an Innovate UK funded project is examining the potential for reducing carbon in potato production from growing through to storage and transport.

How to tackle late blight after an unusually wet summer

Outbreaks of late blight are springing up in potato crops across the country following an unusually wet July and early August. Fortunately, EU_43_A1 has yet to be found in the samples analysed, but growers must remain vigilant.

Growers advised to mitigate rising Alternaria risk in potatoes

Arable farmers are being advised to revise their blight strategies now to target Alternaria, as a cold and wet spring followed by weeks of hot and dry weather have made potato crops significantly more susceptible to infection.

Guidance launched to maximise the value of maleic hydrazide in potato crops

Crop protection manufacturer UPL has reminded potato growers of the importance of maleic hydrazide in sprout control and has issued best practice guidance to maximise its effect this season.

Potatoes: Now is the time to review your irrigation strategy

Extreme weather events, increased demand for water use, plus environmental legislation continues to put pressure on water availability and the need to demonstrate justification for crop irrigation.

Net zero project trialling sustainable potato production enters its second year

A new trial pioneering the net zero production of potato crops through sustainable fertilisers, reduced cultivations, varieties and improved soil health has entered its second phase this year, with UK potato supplier Branston leading the way towards achieving net zero production in the years ahead.

New incentives launched to alleviate barriers to sustainable farming practices

To reduce financial barriers for potato farmers transitioning to sustainable agricultural practices, McCain Foods, the largest manufacturer of frozen potato products in the UK, has joined forces with NatWest in offering financial support with the costs of switching to a regenerative farming system.

Key nutrients for high-performing potato crops

Nutrient deficiency is a widespread issue in potatoes grown in the UK and can lead to internal and external crop damage with associated financial losses. To help farmers maintain adequate nutrient levels in potato crops, Oscar Thacker, area manager at Yara, offers some advice.

Cloddy seed beds pose high slug risk in potato crops

Growers are being warned about high slug risk in potatoes where crops have been planted into cloddy seed beds and are urged to counter the threat with a good quality pellet as soon as tubers reach golf ball size.

Mancozeb renewed for use this year to curb the spread of fungicide resistance

Farmers will continue to have access to the multi-site potato blight fungicide Mancozeb this spring, which can help delay further shifts in fungicide resistance, according to crop protection manufacturer UPL.

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