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New sugar beet seed treatment unveiled

Developed specifically for the UK, Xbeet enrich 300 has been shown to deliver consistent yield increases in trials and on farm.

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Germains Seed Technology has unveiled an innovative sugar beet seed treatment, Xbeet enrich 300.

It has been proven to deliver consistent yield increases of 1.8% – equivalent to 1.35 tonnes per hectare for a 75t/ha grower – compared to Xbeet enrich 200.

“Xbeet enrich 300 seed treatment features an optimised primer that kickstarts germination, combined with a tailored nutrient package designed to nurture seedling development,” explains lead scientist, Jordan Long.

“This unique blend equips crops with the essential resources right from the start, promoting robust and resilient growth.”

Specifically designed to thrive in UK conditions, it has proven to accelerate crop establishment, increase plant populations, and enhance yields when compared to its predecessor, Germains says.

Rigorous trials conducted over three years by accredited ORETO trial teams repeatedly highlighted its advantages, and commercial UK growers have verified its performance and safety through field-scale evaluations.

Jordan adds: “Research into Xbeet enrich 300 started eight years ago. Following on from the laboratory work, small plot trials were carried out over three years. Encompassing different seedlots and diverse locations across the growing area helped demonstrate its efficacy over the wide range of varieties and conditions we experience here in the UK.

“More recent work with growers, proved those results are replicated in commercial situations.”

For further information on Xbeet enrich 300 visit https://germains.com/product/xbeet-enrich300/ 

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